Wedding Flowers for Every Season

Published: 22nd March 2012
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With the hectic nature of planning a wedding, itís easy to forget about some of the details that make the day special. Choosing flowers can be an added pressure - especially if the task is left until the last minute. This is a brief guide on how to select flowers for each season of the year, with the intent of making the decision a little easier for the flustered couple.


Colour schemes for spring weddings are usually feminine and colourful, but perhaps not as bright as the colours seen during a summer or autumn occasion. The hues are traditionally more subdued - with subtle pinks, yellows, greens and blues all working very well.

Ranunculus, anemone, freesia are all common choices that work really well in a bouquet. However, the quintessential spring flower has to be the daffodil. In Britain, the appearance of daffodils marks the start of spring time, and therefore the flowers are often used to represent the start of a marriage.


There is a huge variety of traditional and exotic flowers available during the summer, which is ideal for those planning a wedding. There is a natural explosion of brightly coloured flowers that appear only in summertime, but the sheer volume of flowers can make the decision a tricky one.

Some of the flowers that are abundant during the summer months include roses, delphiniums, peonies and irises. There are some new varieties that are quickly becoming classics, such as the stunning ĎLove-in-a-Mistí (also known as Nigella). This intricate, interleaved flowers allows for a completely new take on the floral bouquet.

Other classic summer garden flowers are also becoming popular for wedding bouquets and centrepieces such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, sweet peas and marigolds. These all work exceptionally well to brighten up any wedding and give it that summery ambiance.


As the trees start to shed their leaves, there is a whole new colour palette to work with. Oranges, yellows and reds are definitely the quintessential colours of the season, but there is room for creativity in an arrangement, for instance using pine cones, berries and herbs for a hint of variety.

Flowers are still abundant in August, so the choices are plentiful. Mint, rosemary, ivy, rosehips, sages and geraniums are all in season at this time of year. The exotic looking Nerine plants are also just coming into bloom around this time and could be the perfect centrepiece for a special occasion.


Despite the bare trees and cold weather, winter weddings are becoming more and more popular, due to the fantasy some couples have of the perfect, white, winter wedding. However, in winter flowers are in short supply - which has led to ever more innovative bouquets being produced by some very creative florists.

As usual, roses will suit the occasion - with white looking particularly stunning at this time of year. Colourful orchids can also look great when well balanced with neutral tones. But often, the centrepiece will not contain a flower at all, but instead foliage. Holly, berries and vines add to the winter theme, and pussy willow can be an ideal alternative for any colourful flowers.

When it comes to choosing flowers for wedding bouquets, centrepieces, buttonholes etc. it is important to consider what time of year your wedding is taking place, as some flowers can be extremely expensive if not in season. Itís all about balancing colour with plants that suit the time of year and theme of the wedding, in order to create a truly unforgettable day.

Submitted by Gemma Halliwell, Events & General Manager at Maunsel House and Woodlands Castle. Maunsel House is a magnificent 13th Century Manor Wedding Venue Somerset. Set in 100 acres of stunning parkland, this venue is perfect for wedding receptions in Somerset. Woodlands Castle is its slightly smaller, but equally stunning sister venue.

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