How to Plan an Elegant and Sophisticated Wedding

Published: 19th January 2012
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At some point in our lives we are going to come across a wedding so tasteless and so lacking in humility, that we just canít help but laugh. Whether in one of the celeb magazines or a distant relatives wedding at the local registrar, most will have seen things that no matter how hard they try, cannot be forgotten.

This article is intended as a helpful and brief guide on how to stop your wedding from being an occasion that people talk about for all the wrong reasons and to help brides and grooms to plan a wedding that their guests will never forget for the right reasons.


Firstly the venue is the most important part of the day and the key ingredient to making a lasting impression on your guests.

The ideal wedding venue is ideally somewhere of significance to you and your partner or if not a beautiful location that you both adore. It may be somewhere that reminds you of your childhood, or the rural backdrop is a stunning array of rolling fields.

However, a lot of the most beautiful locations do come at a cost and will therefore depend on your budget. If the cash is available for a country mansion, then by all means spend it. But there are still some wonderfully picturesque locations available for a relatively small fee.


For an elegant and sophisticated wedding, a three course sit down meal is almost always essential followed by a buffet of delectable and delicious miniature delights in the evening. If the catering budget is spent wisely, then a great deal can be accomplished for a reasonable price. Shop around for the best price, make counter offers and be sure to have a tasting session before the big day.


Being selective about who to invite is key. You obviously do not want to fall out with friends and/or family by not inviting them but you must remember that it is your special day so you should only invite people that you want to be there to celebrate with you.

You may have two sets of friends / family members that do not get on and fear that there would be tension between them on the day. However if you want both parties there, make it clear that you do not want any hostility on the day and if all else fails you can always help to diffuse the situation with a strategically designed seating plan.


If either the bride or groom have a connection with horses, then this is an acceptable option, as arriving in a beautiful carriage being pulled by wonderful Shire horses is very elegant. If you do not trust animals then vintage cars or limousines can help to make any entrance a grand one.

The essential part of any oneís wedding day is not the dress, catering or the guests. At the end of the day, a wedding will be a memory and one that the bride and groom will never forget (hopefully for all the right reasons).

Submitted by Gemma Halliwell, Events & General Manager at Maunsel House and Woodlands Castle. Maunsel House is a magnificent 13th Century Manor wedding venue Somerset . Set in 100 acres of stunning parkland, this venue is perfect for weddings in Somerset and is available for exclusive hire it serves as luxurious location for weddings of any size.

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