How to keep your guests entertained at your Wedding Reception

Published: 16th February 2012
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When it comes to wedding reception entertainment there is a lot of different options that couples can go for to keep their guests entertained and make sure their once in a lifetime occasion is celebrated in style. Read on to find out some ideas for wedding reception entertainment.

After all the planning, worry and expenditure, the big day is finally here. The venue, catering and transport have all been planned well in advance, and with military precision. Everything seems to be running smoothly and the ceremony goes off without a hitch...

As the curtain closes on the wedding ceremony itself, it’s time for the fun to begin. The food, wine and chatter should get the festivities started, but it’s a good idea to think about how you’ll keep your guests entertained for the evening.


The choice of music is clearly a personal decision of the bride and groom. Whilst some people prefer the formality of a string quartet for their big day, others simply prefer to hire out a DJ. The typical wedding DJ has a selection of classics from every era of pop music. Considering how many songs there are to choose from, it’s surprising how often certain tracks get played. For instance, you should be prepared for “Come On Eileen”, “Love Shack” and “Dancing Queen” to make an appearance.

The cost of hiring this type of DJ can vary wildly, but is usually priced in relation to the size, quality and amount of speakers and lighting that they will bring with them. However, it’s definitely worth shopping around for a good deal.

Make sure that you enquire about the type of music they’ll be playing - remember that music tastes can vary a lot from person to person so you should make sure that you both have the same vision before making a booking.

If you have a slightly unusual taste in music, it is more than likely that there are bands or DJ’s in your area that will be able to accommodate your needs. You’ll be able to find a specialist performer in just about any genre, through a little Internet research, or by asking around your group of friends.

You may even know a great musician who’d be willing to play at the wedding. Having a performer that you actually know adds a beautiful, personal touch to the day - something that can’t easily be replicated. Plus, you may get a mate’s rates discount, or they might even be willing to perform entirely free of charge...

Children’s Entertainment

Keeping children happy is an often overlooked aspect of a wedding. Once the kids get bored of sliding across the dance floor on their knees, they’ll be bugging their possibly inebriated parents for some form of entertainment. Hiring a clown or magician can stem the tide of restlessness for an hour or two. But in an ideal world, there needs to be some form of continuous activity for the kids to tire themselves out with.

This is where the bouncy castle steps in. The castle itself acts as a kind of energy sapping, child tiredness generator, entertaining children initially but sedating them as the night goes on. This allows parents to enjoy the party atmosphere without worrying too much about what their little ones are getting up to. A perfect solution.

Whatever you do, make sure there’s enough music, dance and wine to keep everyone happy. While the ceremony is the most important aspect of the day, the after party should be a commemoration of the event. So why not make sure all your guests enjoy themselves - it’s a once in a lifetime occasion that should be celebrated as much as possible.

Submitted by Gemma Halliwell, Events & General Manager at Maunsel House and Woodlands Castle. Maunsel House is a magnificent 13th Century Manor Weddings Venue in Somerset. Set in 100 acres of stunning parkland, this venue is perfect for wedding receptions in Somerset and is available for exclusive hire. Woodlands Castle is its equally elegant, but slightly smaller sister venue.

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